Sep 14, 2018

Here's today's food for thought if you will.......
Five years ago I opened the doors to TRENDZ. I had quit my demanding job without a back up plan. I left behind the only industry I had every known. I had no idea what I was going to do. The single mother to five kids and I had no plan. Then one morning in late August of 2013 I had woken up at 3:00 am with an entire plan to open a consignment shop. I woke my girls up, they were not as enthused at 3:00 am as I was. I began writing down my ideas, my thoughts and my wishes. After we had breakfast we ran around to all the local shops in our area. I wrote down what I liked and what I didn't like. I reached out to my friends and my family and the support was amazing. Three weeks later ( Today September 14th) I opened our doors. I was small and I was in experienced, but I had a dream burning inside of me. I was determined to never look back at what broke me but instead move forward an embark on this vision that God had given me. I've fought hard. I've had more obstacles in my way that most would have had ever. The fire that could have ended it all, the rebuilding that took so much time to start over. The crazy stalker that tormented me for over six months putting me on edge every day until he was caught and charged. The loss of my nephew, the loss of my brother, the loss of myself along the way. The challenges, the rises and most certainly the falls. The endless construction in front of my shop for almost a year off and on. The friendships, the love and the support of friends, family and people I hadn't even known or ever met. The kindness, the new friendships, the incredible gratefulness I have inside. The separation of my family until we finally found our home. it's been a lot to take on the last five years. No vacations over the last four plus years, but more time with my family. More time to be at games, to be present in their lives as they grew up. The slow days, the really slow days, the great days. The grand reopening of our store. There's been so much happening, it's been a lot on me. I smile every day but inside I am not always feeling it. The thoughts of just giving up, feeling like what I do or what I give is just not enough at times. Then that little voice that opened my eyes five years ago says to me, You got this, through it all you got this, and I knew you would. You are almost there, stay focused and stay faithful. It's about having faith even when it seems so hard to do. It's about knowing every single struggle comes with a purpose. It's about being grateful, always being grateful for God's blessings. Sorry this is so long, but today as I was sitting here this post came across my screen, as if to remind me look at how far you've come, just look at what you've accomplished. Thank you to all who have supported me and my business. My new friendships I have made over the years. Those who have believed in me and who have been patient with me throughout this crazy journey. Thank you to my mom for always helping me, thank you to Jackie for always being there when I need you too. Thank you, thank you everyone. I love you all. Have a blessed day. Hugs, T

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